Scott Evans, GlobalOne Founder and Owner CV

“If you'd like to learn the caliber of something,

just look that is behind the creation

of the something…”

CEO Scott Evans

Behind the development of GlobalOne companies and UltimatePowerProfits stands Mr. Scott Evans.

For 3 decades Scotty Evans has combined business savvy and foresight, visionary know-how developing new business ventures, patented innovations, formulating successful marketing campaigns, and a big list of additional accomplishments. A real entrepreneur in each and every sense.

Mr. Evans newest endeavor is GlobalOne Companies. As a Member you might be witnessing firsthand and playing how vision and teamwork can inspire and re-invent a complete global trillion dollar industry - You are part of the Paradigm Shift.

A major contributing software element of GlobalOne Mr. Evans is also the inventor, creator, and owner of the Spinfinity Applications Patent Pending software for the oversight management of substantial size organizations and groups, allowing the business enterprise to focus on their companies’ growth and development.

Mr. Evans is also actively involved in the founding and growth and development of a cutting edge Global Humanitarian Charitable Foundation. The Foundation may be established to fund and distribute amazing new Bio-­Eco-Science TM patented advances for that distribution water, Food, Energy up to the more than 1-Billion people all over the world, 3-times the entire population of America, that do not adequate accessibility simplest life’s necessities. His Humanitarian Charitable Foundation while using sophisticated Bio-­Eco-Science TM lifesaving discoveries and innovations provides modern, green, FDA / EPA / USDA approved, ways to help solve these hardest challenges for life’s most basic needs. With our Bio-Science TM Innovations we are able to easily and price effectively help prevent such destructive illnesses as HIV , Avian (bird flu), E-­Coli, Viruses, Molds, Bacteria, and many more deadly Pathogens. The Foundation will give you over 20,000,000,000,000 liters (20 trillion) of purified healthy h2o all over the world within the next Yr alone.

Mr. Evans has further invested substantial capital, his business inventiveness, and visionary insight in new innovative Green Eco-­friendly Energy solutions which will soon accomplish amazing results around planet. In developing countries around the world, more than 2-­-Billion people lack usage of electricity. Add for this number the millions in our own country facing uncertainties with power outages and shortfalls, as well as the market definition for this discussion becomes vast - Our Green Eco-­friendly Energy solutions will soon contribute greatly to providing extremely inexpensive, and even free, energy to those

in need around the world.

Other business partnerships include Global Merchant Processing more than into the millions in annual billings. The business is among the nation’s premier Business Solutions providing services which are security-focused, affordable, and make efficiencies that enable businesses to grow. The Company provides Merchant Card Processing Services, Bank card and Debit Card A merchant account, Next-­Day funding available, Customized Solutions, ACH Check Processing and Check Guarantee, Integrated hardware and web interfaces to manage charge card and check payments using it . solutions,

Gift and Loyalty cards, Proprietary Point-­-of-­-Sale Technology, Hospitality / Restaurant, Retail Businesses, Online marketers, Sales departments, and Catalog shopping (MOTO) helping countless business achieve their very own entrepreneurial dreams.

Mr. Evans can be the founder and creator with the largest Benefits, Savings, and Rewards membership white-­label programs in the U.S. Membership include such benefits as: Savings on over 60 MILLION highly Discounted Products -­ Free Gas -­ Free Groceries -­ Identity Theft Protection -­ Computer Backup Services -­ Auto Emergency Roadside Assistance -­ Savings of 50%, 60%, and also 70% at a minimum of 10,000 Restaurants -­ Full ­service Concierge Discounted Travel Service -­ Travel packages, Cruises, International

Travel, Group tours -­ Legal and Tax Assistance -­ Computers and Electronics -­ Groceries Savings - Dental, Hearing, and Vision Benefits, to list out some of the benefits.

Launching soon Global # travel agency # - The world # travel agency # will give you members with a full service online # travel agency # for airfare, hotels, car hire, etc. Additionally, members get access to deep discounts on a large number of 4 Star and Five star destinations travel packages to incorporate: All-­Inclusive Vacations -­ Asia Orient -­ Caribbean -­ Walt disney world Resorts -­ Domestic and European Vacations - Warm and friendly -­ Golf Outings -­ Curses to A huge selection of Destinations - Luxury -­ Mexico and Latin america -­

Snow and Ski Packages -­ South Pacific Vacations -­ Nightlife Tours - plus much more.

Mr. Evans founded his first sizable Company in the eairly-90's during the early events of telecom deregulation. Mr. Evans developed and operated one of the largest Companies of that time period. After selling Telecom Global to an investment group, Mr. Evans then developed his second major successful company, Global Vision, greatly advancing the International calling marketplace - Yet again pioneering a new innovative marketplace Global Vision quickly drove billing revenues to over $10 million monthly - A monumental feat at this time at the begining of deregulation.

After that, Mr. Evans seeing what most didn't, developed among the first private-label Isps in the united states (with those first dial-­-up modem speeds just 16kps) and was an advisor expert to AOL and EarthLink (among many others) - His Company created customized and private-­-label branded DSL, Cable, and Satellite ISPs for our Military, Religious Benefactors, and several other large organizations over the U.S.

As technology progressed and developed so did Mr. Evans - With ongoing successes in telephony, International long distance, as a nationwide Isp with Dialup, DSL, Cable, and Satellite… Mr. Evans expanded into VoIP services, Wi-­-Fi, and his team is considered among the foremost pioneering factors in the birth of what we know today as ‘Wi-­Max’ technologies. In reality, together with has partners, Mr. Evans team developed a number of the 1st Wi-­Fi hot-­-spots above about ten years ago - So early in the technologies infancy, it didn’t have even the ‘Wi-Fi’ name at that time, which in fact had we educating the FCC Chairman at that time on just what this technologies possibilities could possibly be. These early accomplishment provided his team the distinction of consulting Wal-­Mart within their mission to develop their nationwide wireless strategies.

With his various and successful business entrepreneurial background, Mr. Evans also manages a successful Consulting Business helping Companies, startups to successful, expand and boost their businesses. Mr. Evans catalog of experience and accomplishments are wide and deep, covering many skilled areas.

A Definitive Entrepreneur

As a possible entrepreneur Mr. Evans features a successful history in business development, start-­-ups, marketing, sales, sponsorship, legal, corporate strategy, negotiations, investor relations, licensing agreements, finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate analysis, publishing, military applications, entertainment, import and export, manufacturing and distribution, computer hardware and applications, software development, programming, fiber optics, wireless fidelity, above (VoIP), telephony, Internet technologies, Wi-­-Fi, Wi-­-Max, Website development, Social networking sites, global email management, im, SMS, Bottles, blogs, and also the list goes on…

Internet, Wi-­-Fi, Wi-­-Max, Mobile & Technology Expertise

Website Design & Development

Internet Services (ISP)Dialup




Accelerator Software

Parental Content Control Services



Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Blogging platforms.0





Long Distance and International

Mobile services

Hardware / Handsets

Wireless Network

MP3 and MP4 Codecs

Video and Video on Demand


Live peer-­-to-­-peer


Social network

Pioneering many Internet related


Software writing / creation

Multiple marketing campaigns

o Online & Print Media

Social network / Global VoIP Services

VoIP Global Communications

Unlimited In-­-Network Calling

One-­-on-­-One Audio/Video Chat

Multi-­-Person Audio/Video Chat

Instant Message with Audio/Video

Video Recorder

Video Player

Music Music player

Universal IM

Enhanced Email

Desktop Sharing

File & Video Sharing

Whiteboard Sharing

Unlimited Global Voice Calling

Unlimited Global Video Calling

Conference Calling with Video

Discount International Mobile Calling


Social network

Web Online Presence

Plus more

Developed / Co--Developed Several Successful and Complex Internet Companies

Graphics layout

Logo design

Color scheme layout

Site navigation

Client side coding layout

Sever side coding layout

NOC server and hosting configuration

Database technology layout

Admin navigation


HTML, Flash, and Video components

Web-­-search optimization

Implemented Customer Support

Tech support



Google, MSN, and Yahoo advertising

Website content

Retail center

Music downloads

Online net radio


Live feeds -­- News, sports, stocks, etc

Advertising Experience

Google / Adsense    Next Era Media

Double Click    Link Share    Ad Force

Right Media    Rubicon Project

24.7 Media    Offer Fusion

Cascade Media    Ad Smart

Ad Bright    Arill

Blue Lithium    Value Click

Adtegrity    And additional

 Company Development has taken us to

Nationwide US    Poland

Europe / UK    Czech Republic

Australia    India

New Zealand    Japan

Russia    China

Germany    South Korea


Additional Experience

In charge of shaping strategic visions for a number of Companies

Developed and negotiated global and multi-­-national alliances

Designing Company’s universal presence

Coordinate vision and growth using the management team

Managed teams and employees inside the hundreds

Supervise outsourced staffing alliances

Partnerships and Alliances

Over the decades employed in an incredibly fast growing and innovative environment, Mr. Evans continues to be fortunate to have met with and negotiated agreement / alliances with a lot of of the largest Companies.

Internet Networks / Fiber Optics / Mobile Wireless Networks / VoIP / Telephony / Wi-­-Fi / Wi-­-Max

Partnerships and Alliances

AT&T    Nokia

Apple    Degage Inc

LG    Pagenet

Samsung    Redline

Cable & Wireless    Trango

Power Net Global    Smart-Bridges

Qwest    Boingo

XO Communications    Canopy

Covad    Orthogon

Level3    Dragonwave

Telemedium    Airspace

TelTel    Maxrad

MCI    Radiowaves

WorldCom    Arc Wireless

Grandstream    Karlnet

Cisco    Alvarion

Linksys    Ultramesh

Netgear    Intermapper

YeaLink    Celplan

Motorola    Airava

Cingular    Times Microwave

Verizon    Auth-direct

UU Net    Colubris

Aleron    CirroNet

Broadwing    Agere

MegaPop    Ceragon

BlackBerry    Aperto

Audiovox    Duracomm

Kyocera    And dozens more of today’s global leaders

Multilevel marketing

Developed and delivered to market Telecom Global

Nationwide cross country Multi-level marketing Company

Developed and brought to market Global Vision

International telephone hybrid-­-Networking Marketing Company

Noteworthy Business Partnerships




Earthlink / Mindspring

American Legion

National Rifle Association (NRA)

Jessie Jackson & the Rainbow Coalition

Mickey Mantel - Company spokes person

UUMBA the overseeing services body for AFL-­-CIO, Firefighters Union, and many others

MyAmericanAccess affiliation benefits

USA Directly Services

Business Innovations & Patents

CEO Scott Evans

Submitted and awarded multiple patents

Several products and inventions in development stages which be eligible for a patents

We do hope you will probably be same impressed and proud with this founder as I am :-)

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